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Past Officers (2014-2015)

Grand Knight Dan Bolas
Deputy Grand Knight Kit Patterson
Chancellor Josh Palotay
Recorder Blaine Donley
Financial Secretary (Appointed) Tony Devino
Treasurer Miguel Rivera
Advocate Bill Emond
Warden Michael J. McLeese
Inside Guard Shawn Orban
Outside Guard Manuel Mathew
Trustee - 3rd Year Jim Everett
Trustee - 2nd Year Frank Santana
Trustee - 1st Year Al Lowder

Past Officers (2013-2014)

Grand Knight Jim Everett
Deputy Grand Knight Dan Bolas
Chancellor Kit Patterson
Recorder Jim Christian
Financial Secretary (Appointed) Bob Ghormley
Treasurer Tony Devino
Advocate Steve Gross
Warden Michael J. McLeese
Inside Guard Amancio Jimenez
Outside Guard Miguel Rivera
Trustee - 3rd Year Frank Santana
Trustee - 2nd Year Al Lowder
Trustee - 1st Year Bill Emond
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