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Past Officers (2016-2017)

Grand Knight Walter Lamb
Deputy Grand Knight Rudy Janiczec
Chancellor Joseph Solomon
Recorder Blaine Donley
Financial Secretary (Appointed) Tony Devino
Treasurer David Thoma
Advocate Brian Harris
Warden Charles Diaz
Inside Guard Martin Sprick
Outside Guard Zachary Patterson
Trustee - 3rd Year Frank Santana
Trustee - 2nd Year Bill Emond
Trustee - 1st Year Jim Everett
Field Agent - Insurance Don Murphy
Grand Knight Delegate Dan Bolas
Alternate GK Delegate Rudy Janiczek
Past GK Delegate Jim Everett
Alternate PGK Delegate Frank Santana

Program Positions

Program Director Rudy Janiczek
Church Director Bob Merle
Vocation Director Joseph Solomon
Community Director Bill Emond
Culture of Life/Pro-Life Paul Miller
Health Services Bob Connelly
Council Director Rudy Janiczek
Public Relations/webpage/Newsletter Nathan McAndrews
Family Director Mike Scharf
Membership Director Rudy Janiczek
Youth Director J.P. Kotwicki
Admission/Retention Committee Walter Lamb,  Rudy Janiczek, Tony Devino, Joe Solomon, Bill Emond, Frank Santana, Jim Everett
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